Asovinos, a pioneer of sustainable and responsible wine consumption at the 2022 Expovinos trade fair


The most important wine fair in Colombia «Expovinos» took place in Bogota from 11 to 14 August, counting more than 30,000 attendees. Asovinos, our National Coordinator in the country, had the pleasure to take part with its own stand, spreading and sharing the message of sustainable and responsible consumption.  

In the framework of the fair’s 17th edition, Asovinos made the official launch of its new pillar, betting on sustainability, a concept that defines them and expresses the importance of preserving the planet. A 360° concept, that includes responsable wine consumption, among the priorities of the association’s communication together with recycling, reusing, reducing, repairing and recovering.

«We invite all members of the wine industry to join sustainable initiatives, because we believe that every grain of sand counts. We are at a decisive moment to curb the effects of climate change, it is time to be part of the change! and together we will continue to work for our industry and sustainable responsible consumption«. says Luz María González, president of Asovinos.

By embracing sustainability in a more preminent role in its strategy, Asovinos now counts four pillars (moderation, self-care, legality and sustainability) continuing to demonstrate its commitment to the promotion of responsible wine consumption, and confirming its position as an active member of the Wine in Moderation community.

Fuente: Wine In Moderation

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